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Welcome to TechServe Solutions Limited

For TechServe Solutions Limited “It’s never a tall order”

“From years of experience, Techserve Solutions Limited recognizes that no customers or buildings are the same. Meaning that managing your building portfolios can be problematic and complicated. having the correct processes, policies and practises in place is fundamental to operating safe and compliant buildings.

This is were Techserve Solutions Limited can support your business, providing specific focus in managing building portfolios through Facilities management organizations, that cover all your services but specifically in Building Fabric Maintenance Solutions, by offering a technical service solution to survey, inspect and deliver safe working methods to cleaning and maintain your building.

TechServe Solutions Limited specialize in Health & safety, Working at heights, Project Management and full FM operational Management.

Our flexibility means we can offer bespoke solutions to meet your needs. from one consultancy through to a long term strategy to ensure you provide safe, clean and compliant services to all your building users.”

Our Specialist Services

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Our specialist abseiling equipment enables our team to scale down the side of large buildings allowing them to clean high rise windows with precision. Not all of our jobs are high rise, as many of our clients prefer our ‘reach and wash’ system which allows us to clean windows from ground level. No building is too big or small for TechServe Solutions Ltd.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an important aspect of cleaning. Having clean gutters ensures businesses that their drainage systems are maintained and in good working order. No matter the size of a building, our specialist team will be able to access your gutters leaving them in a good working order.

Exterior Cladding Cleaning

For many businesses their buildings are primarily constructed with exterior cladding. These materials gather a lot of dirt and become unsightly if not cleaned on a regulary basis.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of a building, preserve the exterior surface, improve its value and make it easier to sell or let.

Our specialist cleaning equipment make it possible for our team to thoroughly clean a range of cladding materials such as plastic (PVCu), stainless steel and aluminium.

Wind Turbines

Since setting up our company, wind turbines have become a more favourable and cleaner way to develop energy. To meet the influx of turbines that have been erected in recent years we have assembled a specialist team who are fully trained in cleaning and maintaining such structures. To find out more, please scroll down to the Wind Turbines section of our website.

Other services

Alongside our main services we also offer comprehensive removal of gum, bird proofing and graffiti removal.


Since we set up our business we have been able to offer a wide range of cleaning services to our hundreds of clients.

We work for an array of clients across the North West and beyond. Organisations such as the NHS benefit from our regular commercial window cleaning services, while hotel chains such as Hilton and Holiday Inn benefit from visits from us on a weekly basis.

Whether it is a small independently run coffee shop, or a large office block we are able to meet the needs of all clients.

Wind Turbine Services

Corporate Brochure

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Wind Turbine Services

TechServe Solutions Limited are a one stop solution for all your operational, maintenance, inspection and cleaning needs.


Using rope access we clean the outside of the towers where the gear box oil has spilt and clean the top sections on the tower and other areas of general dirt.


We remove any mould and fungus that has grown inside the tower, cleaning it using an environmentally safe anti-fungus spray by abseiling down the inside of tower.


We service the towers, checking such things as the torque of the bolts, oil levels and grease levels.


Replacing cable trays, ladder sections and other parts that are subject to wear and tear. Installing bus bar strengthen- ers and other parts to increase safety of tower.

Renewable Energy Maintenance

We have now extended our service to include Alternative Energy and Renewables

TechServe Solutions Limited is a leading maintenance & site services provider for various leading property companies, and has a wealth of experience in total building care.

We have now extended our service to include Alternative Energy and Renewables. We provide a professional and bespoke service to the owners and operators of assets such as wind turbines and photovoltaic panels.

TechServe Solutions is a one stop solution for all your operational, maintenance, inspection and cleaning requirements.


At TechServe Solutions Limited we believe in making sure you have a tailor made package that suits your needs and circumstance.

We realize that downtime can be extremely costly, and will work with you to keep it to an absolute minimum.

Our industry experience and attention to detail ensures you will be receiving one of the most thorough and professional services available when it comes to the access, maintenance, and cleaning of your assets, always with the emphasis on safety and professionalism.


We pride ourselves on being professionals at what we do. We only use professional staff trained to the highest standards using safe, professional methods to deliver our service.

We work to the most rigorous health and safety standards.

We also offer an independent consultancy and inspection service to help companies comply with their duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, either by phone, through personal visits or by producing and updating relevant documentation.

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